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Show Notes for Episode 20 - The Encantado

Feb 17, 2019

Pictures, notes, research, etc. about The Encantado episode! Come see more about these weird creatures!


The Booze:

The Encantado
-2 oz Cachaca
-1 oz lime juice
-1/2 oz grenadine or redcurrant syrup
-Garnish with lime wedge

Shake and serve over ice!


The Content:







Boto and Tucuxi comparison
Attribution: Book - Dance of the Dolphin by Candace Slater


Tucuxi - SO CUTE!


Giant Otters (scary, huh?!)


The Research:

Amazon Basin / River Stats 

Amazon River Dolphin - Nat Geo video

Slater, Candace. (1996). Dance of the Dolphin: Transformation and Disenchantment in the Amazonian Imagination. Bibliovault OAI Repository, the University of Chicago Press. (available at
Cravalho, M. A. (1999). Shameless Creatures: An Ethnozoology of the Amazon River Dolphin. Ethnology, 38(1), 47. 
Gravena, Waleska & Hrbek, Tomas & da Silva, Vera & Farias, Izeni. (2008). Amazon River dolphin love fetishes: From folklore to molecular forensics. Marine Mammal Science. 24. 969 - 978. 
Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest By Sy Montgomery 
The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology By Deena West Budd


The Promo:

The Cryptonaturalist 
Twitter: (writer/producer)


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