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Oct 31, 2020

Straight Up Strange Productions presents "The Monkey's Paw, by W.W. Jacobs.

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Oct 31, 2020

SURPRISE! It's the most wonderful time of the year, so we just HAD to get an episode out to you. We are still working on new ones, so we're not quite back yet, but enjoy this episode while you're waiting. Madman Madriaga joins Logan via Skype (excuse the sound quality) to chat about Filipino ghost stories, the state of...

Dec 24, 2019

In the mood for a ghost story? Of course you are! Telling ghost stories around a fire at Christmastime was a beloved tradition in the Victorian it's kind of the perfect time for it! Come listen to Logan & Lindsay, along with the ladies of Straight-Up Enigmas (Jaden, @StraightEnigmas) and Boos and Spirits...

Dec 24, 2019

Happy Holidays, from the Straight Up Strange Podcast Family! We collaborated with the other shows in our network to bring you a rendition of the poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clarke Moore. It warms our lil' hearts and we hope it brings you some holiday cheer and some new shows to listen to. Check...

Jun 30, 2019

Come listen to Logan and our special guest Madman Madriaga, a local paranormal investigator, talk about ghosts, theater, what's on the other side, and how one's perspective shapes their view of the supernatural!

Cocktail of the Week: Jungle Juice

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