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Show Notes for Episode 2 - Japanese Folk Tales

Sep 29, 2018

This week we narrated and discussed folktales from Japan! We don't have much as far as sources go, as we read directly from the book "Japanese Fairy Tales" (also known as "The Japanese Fairy Book"), which was compiled by Yei Theodora Ozaki and published in 1908 (or 1903 for the Google books version). The book is freely available on Project Gutenburg:
We read 2 stories from this book, "The Farmer and the Badger", and "The Story of the Man Who Did Not Wish to Die"
Here are some of the beautiful illustrations from the book (they'll make more sense if you've listened to the episode). I found these here:
"The Farmer and the Badger"
"The Story of the Man Who Did Not Wish to Die"
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