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Show Notes for Episode 25 - Spring Folk Tales Pt. 1

Mar 31, 2019

Here's where we tell you how to find the recipe for Blossom, the tales we told, and the podcast we mentioned!


The Booze:

- 1 oz of orange liqueur
- 2 tsp of raspberry juice (squish raspberries and use liquid)
- lime juice to taste
- soda water to taste
- tsp of rose water (optional)

Fill glass with ice, add orange liqueur, raspberry juice, lime juice, and rose water if you are opting for that. Stir, then top with soda water. Should be pastel pink, very delicate, refreshing, not overly sweet.

Adapted from:


The Stories:


The Snowdrop by Hans Christian Andersen


Attribution: by Warwick Goble
The Spring Lover And The Autumn Lover from Japanese Fairy Tales by Grace James
Pics and link:


The Enchanted Castle from Altemus'Fairy Tales Series Edited by Hartwell James
Pics and link:


The Promo:

Elementary My Dear: The H.E.X. Files 



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