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Show Notes for Episode 32 - Modern Folklore #5

May 26, 2019

Here's where we tell you how to find the recipe for Manhattan, the tales we told, and the podcast we mentioned!


The Booze:

-2 oz bourbon (we’re using bourbon, but you could use rye whiskey if you prefer)
-1 oz sweet vermouth
-2 dashes of bitters

Pour bourbon, vermouth, and bitters in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Stir well and strain into glass, garnish with a cherry or orange peel. The flavor of this drink can really change depending on the types of bourbon and vermouth you use, so we recommend experimenting. We’re using Maker’s Mark and Carpano Antica Formula (an Italian Vermouth). Manhattans were originally made with rye but the bourbon version has risen in popularity, and was recommended to us by our resident cocktail expert, Anubis.


The Stories:

(Amazing artistic rendition of a Skeksis from The Dark Crystal - specifically skekSil, The Chamberlain)

"That Moment Before You Fall Asleep" by u/Stormrider66



"It Came One Night" by u/Al-Hazred7 

Info on Don Jose: 


Attribution:, (Our fav Goosebumps books from our childhoods)

"I Found a Snuff Film in my Childhood GooseBumps DVD Collection" - Andrew Close, u/symphonysketch, Twitch name pennplayz


The Promo: 


We are giving away FREE STICKERS! If you want some, leave us a (hopefully nice so Lindsay doesn’t cry) review on iTunes, take a screenshot, email that and your mailing address to, and we will mail you some stickers for free! Also, once we hit 100 iTunes reviews, we'll release a bonus episode with a listener selected creature!

If you have any personal stories about creatures, monsters, or cryptids (even if you don't know what it was), please email us at so we can eventually do a listener episode!

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