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Show Notes for Episode 37 - The Buru

Jul 14, 2019

Here's where we tell you how to find the recipe for The Buru, the creature we discussed (also The Buru), and the podcast we mentioned!

The Booze:

-1 1/2 oz dark rum
-1/2 oz amaretto liqueur
-4 oz cola (or enough to fill)
-Garnish with cherry or lime wedge

Fill a collins glass with ice (which is a tall, thin tumbler, narrower than a highball glass) and pour the rum and then the amaretto. Top it off with the cola, then stir well and garnish with a cherry or lime wedge. (coke and red wine drink, pronounced calimocho)


The Content:

Attribution (for both):



The Research:

The Hunt for the Buru by Ralph Izzard
Cryptozoology A To Z by Loren Coleman & Jerome Clark,_Giant_Lizards_and_Giant_Crocodiles 


The Promo:

Kills and Chills 
Apple Podcasts: 


Stuff We Mentioned:

Moon Lake (haunted lake in Utah): 

Clint's Reptiles:






There's definitely more stuff we talked about...just Google it? Lol sorry! Love you all!


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